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Chef Andreas Bonifacio has given his name to the realisation of a lifelong dream of running a restaurant dedicated to his passion for creating memorable Italian cooking.

It’s a fitting way for this experienced international chef to personify the gastronomic philosophy behind Andreas Italian Restaurant & Grill, now a well-known fixture of the cuisine scene in this busy seaside resort.

He opened the self-titled restaurant after a successful career spanning some 25 years in various upmarket kitchens throughout Europe, as well as Italian restaurants in his adopted homeland of Thailand.

With a deserved reputation for using imported high-quality ingredients for authentic Italian tastes, complemented by a well-stocked wine cellar of Italian and New World varieties, Andreas Italian Restaurant & Grill  has become the Go-To  Hua Hin dining destination for the many international holidaymakers and weekend visitors from Bangkok who flock here to soak up the sea-breezed colonial ambience.

This Feel Good  eatery exudes a welcoming atmosphere that guarantees enjoyable times in its homely surroundings, either in the restaurant, or up above in the airy Al Fresco  roof terrace.

A glance at the menu takes in all the Italian classics, from starters and salads all the way to pastas, risottos, pizza and soups, and melt-in-the-mouth desserts. There’s also a Jospor Grill  creating top-quality steak, fish and pork dishes.

Andreas Italian Restaurant & Grill  presents all this with authentic flair and passion that imbues visits to Hua Hin with a terrifically special Italian cuisine experience.

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