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Thailand can present a dilemma for homeowners and businesses seeking to make a statement; and even holidaymakers inspired to leave with furnishings to transform their home environments, instead of souvenirs.

On one hand, there’s the One-Size-Fits-All  approach, with the vast amount of merchandise offered by the large multi-national furnishing stores that have sprung up in recent years.

It’s a convenient one-stop solution, but these products - generally mass-produced and humdrum - lack originality and flair.

Going down the individual route of sourcing locally-made products may be a worthy and initially exciting effort, but all too often these ventures are exhausting, and ultimately disappointing.

For although there may be fascinating finds of Thai furniture along the way, buying piecemeal and hoping for the best later on when everything’s together in the same room is a risky business.

Solving this dilemma in an all-inclusive fashion is Oriental Living, a bespoke furnishings provider with showrooms in Phuket and Koh Samui, a track record of high-level exclusive projects throughout Thailand, and a young, passionate team dedicated to its craft.

Oriental Living provides an interior design service featuring highend furnishings from Thailand, Indonesia and Scandinavia - a onestop service for clients looking for customised furnishing solutions.

This service extends to worldwide shipping for visitors to Thailand keen to live among their holiday ambience even after returning home.

The two Loft by Oriental Living  showrooms are located in Phuket and in Koh Samui - both offer design services with in-house designers, alongside ever-changing vast stocks of mostly individuallymade indoor and outdoor furniture, and distinctive décor.

Exploring these showrooms can be a constant eye-opener and a wonderful source of inspiration. The products, whether Asian or Scandinavian, are quirky, hand-made, one-off, traditional and modern, aspirational, attractive and practical.

With so much style, colour and texture to take in, it can be an overwhelming experience; and that’s where Loft by Oriental Living’s  design expertise comes in with consultation to recommend appropriate mixes of styles and colours for individual habitats.

The team is adept at either working with a customer’s blank canvas, or advising on a stylish revamp of an existing home or business environment.

It’s a completely customer-based procedure that’s fully handson, with the team taking responsibility for everything right down to shipping, and of course, customer satisfaction.

This all extends to product warranty and follow-ups, that make Oriental Living less of a furnishing supplier and more of a furnishing partner for the long-haul.

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