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The ever-popular cuisine of China reflects the unique character of its homeland – diverse and fascinating, with hidden depths that are a delight to explore.

Like the people of China, this cuisine has spread and taken root around the world over the years. Indeed, one of its most celebrated dishes – Egg Foo Yong – is said to have been refined, perfected and popularised from an original Guangdong recipe, by a Chinese chef in San Francisco.

Much of Chinese cuisine enjoyed around the world originates from Canton province in the south of the country, and its neighbour Hong Kong. The probable reason for this is that most Chinese who emigrated to the USA, Europe and elsewhere came from this region.

And with food - and the enjoyment of eating - so fundamentally important to the Chinese, it’s not surprising that they took this crucial aspect of their culture along with them.

But although Cantonese cuisine may have become the default Chinese dining experience in many countries, dishes from the vast mainland – with its widely diverse landscape, peoples and cultures – have also begun to gain popularity among discerning diners.

The influence of Chinese cooking underpins other cuisines throughout Asia, particularly here in Thailand where many people can claim Chinese ancestry. There are echoes of Chinese inspiration in the ingredients and preparation of a number of Thai dishes.

And there are also quality chefs all over Thailand dedicated to delighting diners with their own interpretations of classic Chinese cuisine. Examples of this are showcased here in an exciting tour of some of the most outstanding examples waiting to be savoured.  

To enhance this culinary journey, each dish is accompanied by a pairing recommendation from each restaurant’s wine list by my colleague Bart Duykers of Andaman Wine Club: 

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This is Chef Leung’s signature dish, and unsurprisingly it’s become one of the most popular choices on the menu of the hotel’s delightful Fei Ya restaurant. This archetypal Chinese creation combines a deceptively simple arrangement of ingredients, that unite to create an explosion of intense and distinct flavour sensations. The fresh and succulent taste of Boston lobster, delicately stir-fried with supreme broth, is a perfect foil for the smooth texture and creamy taste of the home-made egg noodles. Sometimes simplicity is key to pleasurably complicated outcomes, and this dish is testament to that.

Wine Companion: One of the ideal wine matches for lobster is Chablis (100% Chardonnay), and the list offers a nice choice from Louis Jadot in Burgundy. Jadot is a well-known winemaker and their Chablis is outstanding. Great minerality, freshness and a clean finish to the end.

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