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As the founder, heart and soul of the eponymous CeliaB fashion brand, Celia Bernardo’s love for brazen colours, patterns and textures is apparent in every piece she creates, particularly in her newest collection, Gypsy Queen.

Breaking away from rigid fashion expectations, Bernardo is dedicated to infusing her clothing and accessories with a certain joie de vivre while also encouraging the preservation of time-honoured textile techniques such as weaving, knitting and crocheting.

Beauty and the Brand

Originally from Spain, Bernardo’s inspiration stems from her worldwide travels and nearly a decade living in Asia.


After working with brands like Zara, Pepe Jeans and Asobio, in 2012 Bernardo struck out on her own and started to make handcrafted pieces as CeliaB. The brand gained a following in Shanghai, where Bernardo was based for six years, and beyond before she moved to Thailand to further her knowledge and accessibility to handmade textiles.

Woven Wisdom

For Bernardo, Chiang Mai was a textile paradise. Drawn to the colourful clothes of the region’s various hill tribes, she dreamt of incorporating the local textile wisdom into her work.

“Handmade textiles are in danger of extinction these days. The number of people with the knowledge and time to make them are fewer and fewer. I am aware of the value of these traditions and try to preserve them through my work,” Bernardo says. “I also love to collect traditional textiles because they match well with my love for bright colours and bold aesthetics.”

Fashion Queen

CeliaB garments are known for having a story behind them that help create a cultural and emotional connection. For Gypsy Queen, the collection of vibrant dresses, skirts and jackets is designed with the wanderluster in mind.

According to Bernardo, a gypsy queen is one who “lives a nomadic lifestyle, collecting inspiration from the places she visits. She is attracted to colours and textures and likes to combine them with a sense of humour and joy to wear unexpected looks that sparkle.”

Much like Bernardo herself.



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