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Part of our Royal Thai Cuisine series this deceptively simple dish, Sen Mee Nua Phoo as presented by Chef Saroch ‘Roch’ Watthananukoon, consists of rice noodles and poached crab in a yellow curry, but the flavours are so divine that you think there has to be more than meets the eye. The undeniably Thai melange of zesty galangal, kaffir lime and lemongrass countered with shallots and garlic is deepened by umamiforward shrimp paste then spiced with bird’s eye chilis and, finally, turmeric to lend the dish its gorgeous golden colour. True to Royal Thai traditions, only the highest quality ingredients are used, and the poached crab is so light and sweet you know it had to come from the sea that very morning.

Wine companion: Villa Wolf Gewurztraminer Pfalz 2017 jumps out with its delicious juiciness and delicate spiced aroma with a hint of fresh roses.


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