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It is believed that ladies of the palace during the reign of King Rama V were adept at delicately blending fragrances using various aromatic blossoms straight from the palace garden to slather on their skin – a tale passed down through the generations that has now provided significant inspiration for HARNN’s latest collection of organic essential, body and face oils.

HARNN, Thailand’s first pioneering body care, skincare, natural spa and aromatherapy brand got its start by creating its patented rice bran oil soap – a bestseller still to this day. Over the past two decades, HARNN has grown to become an internationally recognised name with numerous shops in Thailand as well as 20 countries worldwide.

HARNN’s recent The Legend of Organic collection incorporates the brand’s balance of Thai wisdom and an Asian holistic approach to wellbeing with contemporary skincare science, offering a selection of swoon-worthy organic oils.

The brand’s two distinct Certified Organic Essential Oil Blends provide the purest form of carefully selected essential oils to help relax the body and mind during one’s personal aromatherapy rituals.

Extracted from 100% natural ingredients, HARNN Organic Face Oils are dermatologically tested as non-irritant and suitable for all skin types for deep facial rejuvenation. Three different formulas are available using a base of virgin sunflower oil, which helps improve skin health, protect skin against damage and lighten dark spots; water lily oil extract, which provides a moisturising effect; argan oil, to further naturally hydrate the skin as well as prevent pimples; and sea buckthorn oil, which is known for its unique rejuvenating abilities.

Coming in three sensual scents, HARNN Organic Body Oils boast a base of three enriching oils to effectively nourish and revitalise one’s skin, particularly in the region’s tropical climate: virgin sunflower oil to protect skin from damage and lighten dark spots; virgin sesame oil that’s rich in anti-inflammatory properties to soften skin; and virgin rice bran oil which serves as a natural sunscreen, reduces wrinkles and helps skin retain much-needed moisture.


HARNN Restful Sweet Orange & Rosemary Organic Essential Oil

Relieve stress and feel refreshed while also stimulating blood circulation with this organic essential oil blend featuring orange, rosemary, tea tree and bergamot oils. 

HARNN Happening Lemon & Tea

Tree Organic Essential Oil Transform your mood and productivity with this organic essential oil’s energising blend of lemon, tea tree, peppermint and a hint of bergamot oils. 

Deep Hydrating Organic Face Oil

Provide deep, restorative hydration and long-lasting moisture with hints of lavender, sandalwood and neroli oil.

Perfect Clarifying Organic Face Oil

Brighten your complexion and repair damage caused by fatigue with liquorice root extract, marshmallow root extract, rose geranium oil and rosewood.

Ultimate Revitalising Organic Face Oil

Combat the visible effects of sleep deprivation with this nightly skin treatment featuring black currant seed oil, balloon vine extract and rosemary leaf extract.

Dazzling Organic Body Oil

Restore positive energy while reducing anxiety with the revitalising scents of bergamot, orange jasmine leaf and rosewood. The refreshing citrus and floral aroma promotes vitality and an overall sense of wellbeing. 

Serenity Organic Body Oil

Sink into serenity with this calm-enhancing blend of oakmoss, honeysuckle and frankincense designed to soothe the nervous system and reduce tension. 

Leisure Organic Body Oil

Revel in higher quality sleep and help relieve insomnia or headaches with spicy and herbal accents paired with relaxing aromatic notes of bergamot, lesser galangal and rosewood.


All of HARNN’s signature products can be found online as well as at HARNN Heritage Spas and select stores across Thailand including:


CentralWorld, Emporium, ICONSIAM, Siam Paragon


Central Phuket Floresta, Jungceylon Phuket

Koh Samui

Central Festival Samui

Chiang Mai

Central Festival Chiang Mai, One Nimman


Terminal 21 Pattaya & Central Festival Pattaya Beach


Visit for all locations.


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