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The Thais have a real soft spot for festivities. Open up a calendar and you will notice that Thailand hosts big events every week, the country just loves to celebrate! 

Be it religious remembrances, a royal observance, shifts in the moon cycle, or cultural commemorations, you name it there is a date in the diary for it! Any excuse to get together to share sumptuous feasts and have a boogie. Who can blame them! 


Christmas is not commonly celebrated in a Buddhist country like Thailand. However, the nation’s penchant for all things ceremonious has meant that even this holiday has been integrated into society and is as much a part of the culture here as anywhere else. As such, the end of the year from November right through to January marks grand celebrations throughout the country! A joyous time to be in and explore the Land of Smiles


In this issue we take you on a festive spree! Leading you to places that we hope will make your heart sing and give you plenty of opportunities to mark the end (or beginning!) of the year in style and to some extent with purpose. A time for giving, we give your travels an eco-conscious backbone by shining a spotlight on elephant conservation and a sustainably forward liveaboard luxury experience. 

But also a time for receiving! We have a few treats lined up, hand-picked off-thebeaten- track experiences waiting to be discovered throughout the issue promising a little extra magic to all your excursions. Find hidden gems lurking around Bangkok’s busy corners before heading to Phuket for unforgettable island-hopping adventures or journey to untold locations around Thailand’s southern peninsula. 

Happy holidays everyone!

Angus MacLachlan


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